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We are photographers from Whitley Bay on the North East coast of England. We have both been seriously involved with photography since we joined Whitley Bay Photographic Society (W.B.P.S.) in the late nineteen seventies. During our time with the society we have both served terms as President. Our main interest is in landscape photography though we also particularly enjoy photographing motor sport. Although we normally go out together on photographic missions we invariable come back with totally different pictures, each portraying our own interpretation of the location. We have both been involved with the Northern Counties Photographic Federation (N.C.P.F.) and have held various posts within the organisation for many years. We became interested in digital imaging in it's early days. We find digital to be a good way of producing traditional type prints without the need for unpleasant chemicals but also enjoy using it's more creative side. We regularly submit pictures to International Exhibitions and achieve quite a number of acceptances.

We are both holders of the "Award of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain" (APAGB) which we gained for services to both the Northern Counties Photographic Federation and Whitley Bay Photographic Society over a long period of time.

The equipment we use consists of Nikon D200 and D7100 cameras. We use lenses from 12mm to 400mm for our various activities. Our digital work is carried out using Photoshop software on a PC. Print output is via an Epson 2880 printer. For projected images we use an HP Laptop and Epson Projector.

Our interests include walking, especially in the Cheviot Hills, the English Lake District and the Austrian Alps. In recent years we have spent quite a lot of time in Eastern Canada, an area we really like. Much of the time there has been spent staying with Freeman Patterson and benefiting from his vast photographic knowledge and skill.  We have had two periods in Namaqualand (South Africa) following encouragement from Freeman.  We also enjoy gardening, good food and watching motor sport (Speedway and Touring Cars).

Pat Porrett:- I am a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society which I gained in pictorial colour slides. I gained my A.F.I.A.P. with prints. I was for several years the Editor of "Northern Focus" the magazine of the Northern Counties Photographic Federation.

My particular photographic interest is in Landscape. I enjoy photography anything from the general landscape down to small details within it. I also like “in camera” creative photography, inspired by the work of Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant

Alan Porrett:- I am an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. This was gained with pictorial prints following an earlier Licentiate with colour slides. My Distinction of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (D.P.A.G.B.) was also gained with prints as was my E.F.I.A.P.  I gained E.F.I.A.P. in 2013.

I am a Past President of the Northern Counties Photographic Federation an organisation which celebrated it's Centenary in 2001, when I had the privilege of being the President.  I was the Editor of the NCPF Magazine “Northern Focus” for several years.  I took over as NCPF Competitions Officer (Championship) in 2010 and organised the 2011 event which was well received by most clubs, however there were some serious accusations made by the Cramlington club.  These were easily disproved but I decided to resign and let the “experts” at Cramlington show us all how it should be done.

Much time is consumed travelling to clubs around Northern England giving photographic talks or judging competitions.